News & Views You Can Use – Canadian Edition

Like many of my colleagues, it is my belief that student affairs professionals do not and cannot operate in a silos. One way to break down the silos is by following news and views of others interested in post secondary education.   Aside from my mildly obsessive natural curiosity with our campus press that I check out here and there, I have developed a routine of following these sites which provide a good overview of Canadian post secondary stories:

University Affairs Media  Scan (a daily scan of Canadian main stream media post-secondary stories)

Globe Campus (a wide range of blogs and education stories from the Globe and  Mail)

Macleans On Campus (aside from the long standing rankings, a number of blogs that elicit an active comment section –  sometimes very active)

Campus Notes @ (multi-authored campus section of, news for the rest of us)

CACUSS News Wire (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services news wire)

Academica Group Top 10 (daily top 10 stories on mostly Canadian post-secondary education topics with over 7000 subscribers)

How about yourself?  Do you have any sources that you go to for your news and views?

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